Friday, January 06, 2012

Mug Anecdotes

I have many mugs. Some might say I have a plethora of mugs, although I tend to prefer the word 'myriad'. At least one person might say I have too many mugs, but that depends on the definition of 'too many'.

In truth, most of these mugs has a story behind it, a tale of where I got it, and under what circumstances. Some others are defined by the purpose to which they are put.

On my most recent adventure, while returning from Stuttgart, I picked up a mug in the airport in Amsterdam, signifying that it is from Holland. (I don't, at present, have a mug from Germany; I didn't really think that one through.) Similarly, I have a mug from Rome with the Colliseum on it, a mug from Barcelona with some Guadi architecture, and a mug from Portugal with a big cock on it. (No, really...) And at least three mugs from France, one of which is my default mug.

Conversely, there's the Transformers mug that is only used for hot chocolate. And Lady Chocolat's mug which has a pirate ninja on it, which only she uses. Then there's the Frog mug, which is used for measuring rice, for reasons that should be obvious. Recently, I've also added a mug specifically for use at work, which is rather usefully marked with the company name.

(You do know I meant a cockerel, didn't you?)

It's worth noting that I don't collect mugs. Please don't take the above as license to buy me endless mugs as souvenirs whenver you travel - I'd much rather you instead spent the money on enjoying your holiday more.

What I collect are adventures. The mugs are merely the physical manifestation of those adventures. They're like the Ark of the Covenant or the Holy Grail, but for software engineering rather than archaeology.

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Kezzie said...

I like this! I also have a myriad of mugs (mmm, nice alliteration), too many some might say, but many are like old friends. I was so sad to drop my big dalek mug last week and it is now handleless but I am still using it!