Sunday, January 15, 2012


I'm feeling a bit (well, very) stressed at the moment.

The wedding preparations are reaching a point where we've either got, or are about to have, a lot of tasks that need done fairly urgently. And there's not going to be any more time available for doing all these things. Plus, all the bills are going to come due close to the same time, so money's something of a worry, too.

Money worries are plaguing the band, also. We had a fantastic December, and raised a lot of money for relatively little effort, and yet... We actually made less than last December, we made much less in Oct and Nov, we have fewer paid events coming up, and we have some additional costs we didn't have last year. Plus, some of the kit we bought last year has turned out to be junk and needs replaced. We should be okay, but it's worrying.

And, at work, I've reached a task that is simple in theory, and would be simple in practice if I actually understood the code I'm modifying. Unfortunately, the guy who does understand it is away until next month, and I need to get it done by then.

And it really doesn't help that people keep having a go at me for being stressed, or telling me to calm down. I'm stressed out for a reason. Telling me to calm down, while that underlying reason remains, just stresses me out still further!

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Kezzie said...

Poor you! I can offer no advice as I am a compulsive worried/stresser except er- pray?!!!