Thursday, February 16, 2012

Could Not Be More Wrong

My car was ready for collection. The service department closed at 5:30. And I was at work.

So, I duly went on to the Traveline website to find out the bus times to get me there on time. And, as before, the bus I needed was the number 38 service, running every 20 minutes, and specifically the bus that left at 15:59 - this should give me 40 minutes at the far end to cover just over 2 miles, which should be easy using another bus or even walking.

So, I left work at five minutes to four, and walked to the bus stop. And waited. 15:59 rolled around... but the bus did not. This was not terribly unexpected.

The bus finally arrived at 16:09.

Now, the additional wait wasn't all that horrible, all things considered. It was just 10 minutes, and an relatively nice conditions. That said, it did mean that I ended up with only 25 minutes to cover those 2 miles, having missed the time that my connecting bus should have come. And, of course, it was too far to walk in that time. And so, I had to get a taxi, at a rather nasty premium.

Honestly, what is the point of a website giving bus timetables, if it is off by 10 minutes for a service that runs every 20? It literally cannot be more wrong.

(Also, the distinct smell of urine on the bus was rather unpleasant. I wasn't sure if that was some sort of clever comment, or if it was purely incidental that the bus was taking the piss.)

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Kezzie said...

Bus timetables are blatant fabrication!!!
I LOVE your secret passage story!!! Sooooooo exciting!
After writing that post, I have had three encounters with potential secret passage situations that have proved exciting!