Tuesday, February 21, 2012

That Thing We'd Forgotten...

For the past couple of months, whenever I've been asked how the wedding preparations have been going, I've replied that either they're going really well, or we've forgotten something vital.

At the weekend, we discovered what we'd forgotten.

Some months ago, before even Lady Chocolat went off to Kenya on her great adventure, we had a meeting with the aunt of a friend of LC's, who bakes cakes. Thanks to a chance meeting, she had volunteered to do our wedding cake for us, which was a piece of amazing good fortune for several reasons. (Well, two: it means we get a cake from someone we know will do a good job, and we get to not pay "wedding cake" prices.)

Anyway, we left the meeting in good spirit. "That's that sorted out," we thought.

The person we were meeting, though, left with a slightly different impression. She thought we'd gone off to think about it. And, not having heard from us since, she assumed that we'd decided to go another way.


Fortunately, this story has a happy ending. This all came to light when LC happened to make a phone call, and learned of the miscommunication. Fortunately, it remains possible for us to get the cake made as planned. We have another meeting on Sunday, just to finalise things.

So, that's another worry dealt with.

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