Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Experimental Cookery 2012: Sechuan Orange Beef

For Valentine's Day, I performed my now-traditional task of cooking up a nice dinner for myself and Lady Chocolat. This year had a somewhat Chinese theme: we had mini spring rolls to start, followed by Sechuan orange beef, the recipe in "Chinese Food Made Easy" that I had until then most wanted to try.

The aforementioned "Chinese Food Made Easy" is apparently the second book written by Ching-He Huang, who works for the BBC hosting shows. I've had the book for some time, and it's really quite good... provided you can get the ingredients. Unfortunately, she does have a nasty habit of calling for some fairly obscure things that aren't easily sourced at the big Tesco in Falkirk.

Anyway, this was not the case with the Sechuan Orange Beef, which required nothing more obscure than an orange. Which proved to be easily identifiable in Tesco, by virtue of its colour. The cooking process was similarly easy - throw together a quick marinade for the beef, then cook the beef for a few minutes, cook the mushrooms, and serve with rice. Done!

The results were very impressive. Like the Teriyaki chicken of last week, this meal had a somewhat unusual taste, caused by the combination of meat and fruit. Still, it was very nice, and I can definitely see me making this again.

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