Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Resolving the Region 1 Issue

On Monday, the band were playing at the opening of a new Tesco superstore. Because this meant getting up early in the morning, I retired to bed early on Sunday... only to find myself unable to sleep.

This proved to be somewhat annoying, but it did give me opportunity to deal with one of the issues that had been plaguing me for some days - I got up, dug out the instruction manuals for the surround sound amplifier and Sky+ box, and set to work.

I have thus been able to re-assign the various audio inputs on my amp so that they actually make sense again (that is, to watch the TV, you now set it to "TV" mode, and so on).

The other thing I discovered in all of this was that it was also possible to wire up my DVD player without any extra cables at all - the Sky+ box had an extra SCART input, and so I connected the DVD player through that. Sadly, the amp only allows full audio input from two sources, so we'll have to manage with stereo sound from the DVD player, but since it's only for region 1 DVDs that should be fine.

I even discovered that there's space to connect up the Playstation 2 in addition to everything else, so if we're so inclined we could even run that in parallel.

All in all, it was a bit of a triumph.

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