Monday, February 27, 2012

I do apologise

On Saturday, the band engaged in the worst fund-raising event ever. We had applied to the council for the right to do a "flag day" collection in the local shopping centre, which basically involved showing up in our kilts and standing around rattling tins for several hours. No playing, no entertaining the crowds, not even bag packing. Just hours of tedious standing.

And, of course, we didn't raise much money, certainly not enough to justify twelve people each giving up three hours out of their Saturday. Of course, this was pretty much inevitable. We're in that awkward period when the Janurary sales have ended, nobody has any money, and everyone is pretty miserable. Of course people didn't want to donate to a pipe band that, as far as they could tell, didn't actually play the pipes.

So, I'm sorry to the people of Falkirk for that imposition on your good name. We'll try not to do such an event again - it's not worth our while, and we'd much rather be doing something (almost anything) else.

(Of course, the ideal is to try to support the band through playing events. I suspect that might be nothing more than a dream - we'd probably have to play pretty much every week to raise the same funds. Still, perhaps between playing and the bad packing events that tend to be quite profitable...)

#9: "A Town Like Alice", by Nevil Shute (a book from The List, although, sadly, not a good one)

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