Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Speaking of Fruit...

It is starting to look increasingly like my car is a lemon. Yesterday, after picking up the flowers, I found that the engine had become incredibly sluggish, with a serious loss of acceleration. That engine management light wasn't back on, but otherwise the problem was exactly the same.

Still, the car was driveable, so I brought it to work and then phoned the garage. They offered two choices: they could see it today, or I could wait until a courtesy car was available in two weeks. So, I chose to have it looked at immediately.

This proved to be a really good choice.

When I started the car in the evening, the engine management light was back on. And when driving the car to the garage this morning, I found I had almost no acceleration at all. Indeed, I thought the car was going to get me killed.

So, it's back in for repairs. I'm reasonably sure that it's going to be another occurrance of the same problem as before, and I don't really have any confidence that it's going to stay fixed this time, either.

We'd been talking about getting Lady Chocolat a car to use sometime in the near future. It's starting to look like we may need to replace my car fairly soon, too. It's turned into a very expensive, and very depressing, mistake.

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