Monday, February 20, 2012


The organisers of the SPL will need to be careful.

At present, Celtic are 17 points ahead of Rangers, with 11 matches still to play. That is, Celtic are on 68 points, Rangers 51, with a possible 33 to play for. If Celtic can reach 85 points, they win the league. That is, they need to win 6 more matches, if Rangers don't drop any points.

However, two of the remaining matches are against Rangers, including the fourth of their next six matches. If Celtic win that, this simultaneously gives them 3 of the points they need and reduces the target by 3 points - they'll only need 5 wins in total.

And that's if Rangers win all of their games. If they were to draw any one of the next three matches, then it becomes even easier. Celtic would then need to reach only 80 points, racking up 4 wins.

With the last of those wins coming against Rangers on the 25th of March.

There is now almost no doubt that Celtic will win the title. Barring a collapse of epic proportions, the league is over. The only question is one of timing.

And, likewise, there seems little doubt that Celtic will win the remaining Old Firm matches of the season. By that time, Rangers' squad will be reduced from its already-minimal level. The big question would seem to be just how much of a thrashing Celtic will dish out.

But Celtic issuing Rangers with a major thrashing, at Ibrox, and winning the league in the process is a recipe for disaster.

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