Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Experimental Cookery 'Tuesday' #38: Meatballs and Pasta

Due to the Champions' League final being played tonight, I found myself playing host. Consequently, there was a need to provide food, and thus there was an excuse to jump ahead again to the "Homely Mince" chapter of the book.

This meal was excellent. The meatballs were very quick and easy to put together (albeit rather messy), and then cooking up the sauce was nice, quick and easy. The only problem was trying to juggle the needs of cooking the sauce, the meatballs and the pasta all at the same time, while also reading the instructions from the book as I went. Still, next time will be easier.

The eventual results were extremely satisfying. The meatballs proved to be slightly dry (probably due to being cooked a shade too long at slightly too high a temperature), but were basically fine. The pasta and the sauce were great.

So, that would be another win for the mince chapter. That would be 2-0, although I'm not realy ready to start scoring that chapter for a few weeks yet, until I have finished the salads.

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