Thursday, May 07, 2009

The wrong yoghurt

Each day, I bring two yoghurts to work, one strawberry and one raspberry and blackcurrant. In the morning, I eat one of these yoghurts, and in the afternoon I eat the other. The following day, I reverse the order, so where I might eat Strawberry on Monday morning, I will instead eat Raspberry and Blackcurrant on Tuesday morning. It is a system filled with many subtleties, and one that has worked extremely well, until now.

This morning, I ate the wrong yoghurt! I was halfway through the pot before I realised to my horror that I was eating Strawberry in defiance of the system!

Now I'm totally thrown, baffled and confused. See, this leaves the question: what do I do tomorrow? In order to resume the system, I should eat Strawberry again in the morning, but this will leave me having done so on three consecutive days. On the other hand, if I instead eat Raspberry and Blackcurrant tomorrow, I will be guilty of carrying on in this flawed pattern. What to do, what to do?

One thing is certain: this is the worst thing that has ever happened.

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Captain Ric said...

You are a strange, strange man.