Sunday, May 31, 2009

What I Was Going to do on my Holidays

On Friday, my holiday for the forthcoming week was cancelled. I was not best pleased. Anyway, just for fun, here's the list of what I'll be missing out on:

  • Dentist's appointment
  • Watch Prison Break through to the end of the series
  • Cook lasagne
  • Band practice


  • Lunch. Yes, I have lunch every day, but this was going to be an extra special lunch. Maybe pasta.
  • Evolution Carrot Salad
  • Watch "Wall-e", and at least one film from the Sky+ box
  • Start preparing the "Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay" campaign


  • Go see "Terminator: Salvation"
  • Cook Chicken Tikka Masala
  • Watch one or two films from the Sky+ box
  • Clean the apartment top to bottom


  • Take car for MOT
  • Cook Chilli Con Carne
  • Watch a film from the Sky+ box
  • Band practice
  • Vote, assuming I haven't been disenfranchised by a freak bureaucratic mix-up


  • As little as possible.
  • Cook Chicken Korma
  • Watch two or three films from the Sky+ box
  • Maybe get car back from MOT, if it had to be kept overnight.

And so, by the end of the week, I would have cleared off almost everything from the Sky+ box, cooked a whole lot of food to restock the freezer to absurd levels, but otherwise not done too much.

As it is, I'm going to try to fit as much of that in to the time I have available. In particular, the dentist's appointment and the MOT are still happening, and I'll be trying to fit as much of "Prison Break" and the films into the time I have available as possible.

So, it's really not too bad. The only thing that I'm really annoyed about losing is the "do as little as possible" bit, and I'm not sure that was ever really going to pan out.

Still, it's annoying losing the holiday like that, especially at such short notice.

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