Monday, March 30, 2015

A Worrying Few Minutes

It's fair to say I had some concerns about the match against Gibraltar that took place yesterday. It should always have been an easy win, but... Scotland have such a nasty habit of doing poorly against the supposed smaller teams. And with all the commentators casually wondering not about whether we would win but rather by how much, there was a little peice of me that was just desperately hoping we wouldn't come unstuck.

And then Gibraltar went and scored their first ever competitive goal, a scant minute after we had ourselves scored. It was a horrible time.

In the event, we then proceeded to score a further five goals without reply, thus recording a final score of 6-1, so I needn't have worried. But, still, the thought of another disaster was strong for some time.

We're now halfway through the qualification sequence, and also halfway through the "six wins" I figured we'd probably need to qualify - indeed, we're actually one point ahead of where I thought we'd need to be.

Still, it's a horribly tight group, especially with Germany dropping some points. So there's a lot still to be done. But, for the moment, so far so good.

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