Tuesday, March 31, 2015


LC and I went to see this on Friday.

It's a good enough film, I suppose, though it's very much a "girl's film", so not surprising that I wasn't the biggest fan. Though I was amused that the royal palace in the film was also the palace on Naboo - I guess "a long time ago..." does indeed mean "once upon a time..." Anyway, if you take the previous animated version, remove the songs, and instead film the thing in live-action, this film is pretty much what you get. Which is, as I said, good enough - though the cartoon version did at least have the benefit of cutting egde (for the time) animation to marvel at.

That said, I'm not entirely happy with a film where the protagonist basically does nothing to help her circumstances, but rather endures all the awfulness that people foist on her, until such time as first a fairy godmother appears to whisk her off to the ball and then a handsome prince arrives to rescue her. Never mind arguments about blue dresses and unattainable waistlines (that, apparently, the lead actress did actually attain, but I digress)... what kind of a message is that for a film to send?

Still, the "Frozen Fever" short was amusing.

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Kezzie said...

I'd like to see it! Cinderella is my favourite fairy tale!x