Friday, March 13, 2015


When LC sent me the news, I was just stunned. First Leonard Nimoy; now Terry Pratchett. It has been a bad few weeks. And, yes, one was rather old and the other visibly ailing, but still...

It's hard to think of an author who has had a greater impact on me. Certainly, I've read more of Terry Pratchett's books than any other author, largely due to the sheer volume - only Bernard Cornwell even comes close. And I don't think there's a bad one amongst the bunch - even the very early sci-fi books are merely unpolished. So the thought that, probably some time next year, I'll be picking up and reading the last Discworld novel is... difficult.

This is probably the most stunned I've been by any famous death since Gary Gygax, and for much the same reason. A legend has passed.

Rest in peace, Sir Terry. And thankyou.

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chrlogredux said...

This one hit me quite hard, and I have only read a few of his books.

I can't quite decide why.

RIP Sir Terry.