Friday, March 27, 2015


It has been a tough week. I was going to do a write-up of the wedding from last week and also some other stuff, but never quite found time, largely because I've spent the week battering my head against a rather knotty problem. Fortunately, I have had a breakthrough which means that I should be able to have a rather more relaxed weekend than I was expecting. Huzzah!

Hopefully, normal service on the blog will resume next week.

This Week's Mug: The mug for this week has been a "Boys' Brigade" mug. This is actually the replacement for a mug I received as a gift for helping run a BB camp in France, way back in 1998, which was itself a replacement for a BB mug I had had for many years previously. The mug is cream-coloured, banded with "The Boys' Brigade" written in blue and red.


Kezzie said...

Hi! Glad your knotty problem resolved itself! Hurrah!x

chrlogredux said...

You should have asked. I did my masters thesis on knots.