Thursday, March 05, 2015

Experimental Cookery 2015 #8: Pasta al Forno con Pomodori e Mozzarella

This week's experiment came from "Jamie's Italy", which is a book I've not really dug into until now but one which is growing on me. Though I'm not sure how well I'll be able to source some of the more unusual ingredients, nor indeed whether I can really be bothered spending hours making some of the more involved meals. But that's an issue for another day.

This was a simple pasta bake, but with a homemade sauce instead of something from a jar. And it certainly benefitted from this! The one concern I had was that the whole thing was very messy to transfer from the baking dish to the eating dishes, due to the cheese going all stringy - I had expected it to be much more, well, baked by the time it came out. Still, once that job was complete it tasted very nice.

Would I have this again? Yes indeed. But... I think I'd be inclined to cut down on both the amount of pasta and also of the sauce. The book suggested I should end up with enough for four people if I followed the measures there, and so I halved the quantities... only to end up with four portions. That's fine, except that I doubt it will freeze (or rather thaw) very well, which isn't ideal. Also, I might think of adding some breadcrumbs next time, to give it a nice crunchy topping.

All in all, though, not bad.

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