Friday, March 13, 2015

Too Big an Ask?

So, four months after I said it should happen, Stuart McCall has been given the job of Rangers manager. Good. Unfortunately, he's been given it until the end of the season, and the feeling seems to be that if he wins them promotion then the job is his, but if not they'll find someone else.

Personally, I think they should give him until at least the end of next season. With ten games to go, it's too late for Rangers to have any realistic chance of winning the Championship (barring a complete meltdown at Hearts, and there's no evidence of that happening). Which means they'll have to win through the playoffs, which in turn means playing Hibs home and away (and then, quite possibly, Motherwell home and away). I still don't think Rangers have it in them.

And yet... I do think McCall is the right man for the job, or at least is as good a candidate as any. So give him time, give him the resources he needs, and let him do the job.

(Incidentally, I'm still hopeful that Falkirk might yet get into the playoffs, almost certainly in fourth place. That's also going to be tough, as Queen of the South are doing very well too. My suspicion is that that one will be largely decided when the two teams have their remaining match this year - if Falkirk win then they'll get through; if QoS win or it's a draw then QoS will get that fourth place.)

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